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 Provincial Base Hospital Committees Paramedic Advisor Recruitment

Paramedics are important members of all Ontario Base Hospital Group committees and provide valuable front line input into the future of paramedicine in Ontario.

The Ontario Base Hospital Group is seeking application for new front line Paramedic Advisors for all provincial committees with half the member starting in May 2019 and half in May 2020.

  • Ontario Base Hospital (OBHG) Medical Advisory Committee (MAC): 4 advisors
  • Data and Quality Management Subcommittee (DQM): 2 Advisors
  • Education Subcommittee (ESC): 2 Advisors        

The term for Paramedic Advisors is two years with half the members rotating each year. The commitment includes attendance at the committee meetings in person or via teleconference (available for the Subcommittees but not MAC).

Ontario Base Hospital Group (OBHG) Medical Advisory Committee (MAC)

Advises the Emergency Health Regulatory and Accountability Branch (EHRAB) and the Emergency Health Program Management and Delivery Branch (EHPMDB) on medical issues, matters related to patient care provided by paramedics and the role of Base Hospitals related to the delivery of Paramedic-based prehospital care. Make recommendations that represent the interest of patients and citizens of Ontario through matters related to leadership, administration, operations, funding, and program delivery in the interest of patient safety.

Meeting Frequency: Quarterly (May, September, December, February)

Number of Paramedic Advisors: 4 (PCP and ACP and/or rural and urban)

Data & Quality Management Subcommittee

Advises on information gathering and database issues relating to the provision of paramedic based prehospital care in Ontario. Reviews current patient data collection and data reporting standards and practices and regularly updates the patient related data gathering and reporting requirements and practices necessary to meet the current and emerging needs of stakeholders. It is also responsible for assisting Base Hospital Programs to monitor the quality of patient care and service delivery in Ontario.

Meeting Frequency: Quarterly (May, October, December, February)

Number of Paramedic Advisors: 2 (PCP and ACP and/or rural and urban)

Education Subcommittee

Advises on and reviews current paramedic education delivery, development standards and practices. Provides educational objective development resources, delivers plans or programs necessary to maintain and improve the current and emerging needs of stakeholders.

Meeting Frequency: Quarterly (May, October, December, February)

Number of Paramedic Advisors: 2 (PCP and ACP and/or rural and urban)

Travel expenses incurred to attend any of these committee meetings will be reimbursed only as preapproved.

Your participation is strictly voluntary; there is no financial compensation available for wages or time spent on any of these committees through OBHG.

Application submissions should include: 

  1. Cover letter (specifically indicating your paramedic level I.E PCP, ACP; whether you work for a rural or urban service, and where you practice I.E northern or southern Ontario; your interest in one or more committee(s), and identifying why you would be a good candidate to represent your peers)
  2. Brief Curriculum Vitae
  3. A letter of support from your respective Paramedic Service Operator(s)/Employer(s)
  4. A letter of support from your certifying Base Hospital

Deadline for Applications:  Friday, March 8, 2019 at 4 PM EST

Submit your application to: Erin McGrath at emcgrath@lakeridgehealth.on.ca